Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fairness doctrine

Speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi also wants to take away our rights of free speech, by bringing back the Fairness Doctrine. Because of the fact that successful talk radio is more conservative, the liberals want to stop it from being successful. Liberals have tried to compete, but nobody listens to there stations. The problem is that most people can see that the conservative views are based on liberty, freedom, common sense, and truth, and the liberal views are mostly socialist views and lies.
Liberal views are also mostly negative and doom and gloom.

Lowering gas prices

Congress could lower gas prices within a week if they would lift the ban on drilling offshore, and in Anwr. The message to the world would be, we are going to fix the problem of high oil prices. This would stop the speculation that the price is going to keep rising, it would come down.
It is obvious to anyone that we are going to need oil for quite some time if we want our economy to keep growing. the argument that liberals are using that it would not put any new oil on the market for years my be true, but is that a reason not to try to fix it? If they would not have blocked the drilling and exploration from 1994 up to the present, we would not have this problem now.
A philosophy like that is the same as saying, there is no point in living healthy, it will not make any difference in the next week or months, so why try.

D.C gun ban decision

Today was a good day for liberty and personal rights. The supreme court decision on the D.C. gun ban was a win for the rights of the people and the founding fathers of our country. The second amendment does mean what it says, we have the right to own guns and to keep them. The D.C. gun ban is just another case of stopping the law abiding people from owning guns while having no effect on the criminals. Banning guns is being tried in England and Australia, in both cases the crime rates have increased since the ban, the thieves know that if they break into your house, even if you are there, you will not be able to stop them from robbing you.