Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rush on fixing illegal immigration

A story that Rush Linbaugh found

From Billings, Montana: "Two conservation groups have asked the federal government to impose new restrictions on oil and gas development in the West to protect the greater sage grouse, a popular game bird on the decline. Scientists contend sage grouse breeding areas are suffering in the face of accelerating oil and gas exploration in Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Utah and other Western states." Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the grouse! The grouse are suffering -- and, damn it, we're the ones that deserve to suffer because we're making the grouse suffer, and we're doing it for immoral reasons. We're searching for gas, natural gas. We're searching for oil, and that makes us sick, says Senator Reid. Senator Reid, it is you, sir, who make me sick, and presumably many other people.

"Unless drilling is slowed... the chicken-sized grouse could end up on the endangered species list. That could shut down public hunting for the bird and prompt restrictions on residential development and agriculture." So the first stab here is to protect the grouse, to shut down oil and gas exploration. And then they say, "If you don't do this, we're going to blackmail you even further. If you keep exploring, then we're going to put this damn grouse on the endangered species list, and that will stop you living anywhere here, it will stop you buying anything here, and it will stop you developing anything here. And as such, if you already own property here we're going to make it worthless." The American left, conservation movement: the grouse are suffering.

Senate majority leader Harry Reid

Shows that congress does not want to fix the high price of gas.

Here is a Liberal who really hates America

This guy really hates the USA.

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