Monday, February 14, 2011

Nissan to show production-ready ESFLOW electric sports car in Geneva

Nissan to show production-ready ESFLOW electric sports car in Geneva: "With a track record including the time-honored Z series and the extraordinary GT-R supercar, Nissan’s credentials for producing affordable sports car exotica is without equal – which makes the company’s latest showing even more exciting."

Salmonella bacteria used to stop viruses

Salmonella bacteria used to stop viruses: "Generally speaking, it is inadvisable to eat foods containing Salmonella bacteria – especially if you’re not a fan of diarrhea, fever or abdominal cramps. In the future, however, we might be swallowing genetically-engineered versions of the little guys as a way of treating viral infections."

Marten creates distortion-free premium amplifier

Marten creates distortion-free premium amplifier: "Sweden's Marten is well-regarded for its high-end speakers and takes a fair amount of pride in their audiophile-pleasing performance."

HP unveils new webOS smartphones

HP unveils new webOS smartphones: "As a way to shoehorn its way into the smartphone market, last April HP acquired Palm along with its webOS mobile operating system. Obviously keen to see a return on its US$1.2 billion investment HP today unveiled three new mobile devices running webOS – a 9.7-inch tablet called the TouchPad and two new smartphones, the pint-sized HP Veer and the third generation Pre, called predictably enough, the HP Pre 3."

Building a 15-story hotel in less than six days

Building a 15-story hotel in less than six days: "China's impressive building credentials have been in the news regularly over the past few years, particularly those in evidence at the Shanghai World Expo and Beijing Olympic Games. The most recent example of the striking capability of the Chinese building industry took place in Changsha, Hunan province a few months ago."