Tuesday, July 8, 2008

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Rev, Jerimiah wright, Obamas spiritual leader

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Radical Islam

If you don't think radical islam is a threat, watch this.

Professor of atmospheric science at MIT

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Global Warming theory

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Article by weather channel founder on global warming

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Lowering oil prices

Congress got the results of the latest Rasmussen poll today, their approval rating has gone to 9%, the lowers ever for congress. The main reason is that they are doing nothing at all. On lowering oil prices by allowing the U.S. to use our own oil. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed will not even let either the House or the Senate vote on if they should remove the drilling ban.

Senator Obama says that drilling will not add any new oil for 7 to 10 years so we should not try. This is a moronic statement. He said he will raise mileage standards, and fast track new technology. Even if they raised mileage standards today to 40 miles per gallon, what would that do for the 300,000,000 cars that are on the road now? New technology will also do nothing for all the cars on the road now. The only way to even have any effect on the problem now is to start drilling for the oil that we have under the U.S. now. Just the potential of increasing the world oil supply will start to lower the price of oil very soon.
The democrats obviously do not want the price of oil lower, they will do nothing to even try to help the problem.

New RNC add about Obama and Iraq