Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Review: Fourth generation (2011) Kindle

Review: Fourth generation (2011) Kindle: "It may not have been the first e-Reader on the market sporting E ink's electronic paper display - Sony's LIBRIĆ© claimed those bragging rights when it debuted in Japan in April 2004 - but since its launch in November 2007, Amazon's Kindle has risen to dominate the e-Reader market. In that time, it has also gone through a number of updates, including the Kindle 2, the Kindle DX, Kindle 3 and most recently, the Kindle Touch and the first Kindle without an E Ink display, the Kindle Fire."

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Duck mating is an arms race

Duck mating is an arms race: "A duck pond may seem like the ideal place to spend a peaceful spring afternoon, but during mating season it can look like the scene of a gang attack. Though ducks as a species are famously monogamous, unattached drakes can be extremely aggressive."

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Ant-repelling cobweb chemical could lead to new pesticides

Ant-repelling cobweb chemical could lead to new pesticides: "Ants. What a pest. Once you get them in your house it can be a real mission to get rid of them. But it seems the Golden orb web spider has developed a way to keep its home clear of the little buggers."

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