Saturday, February 18, 2012

West Coast Chill lays claim to title of "World's First Self-Chilling Beverage"

West Coast Chill lays claim to title of "World's First Self-Chilling Beverage": Miller Beer may have announced its plans to do so several years ago, but now someone else is actually going through with it ... releasing a beverage in a self-chilling can, that is.

1600 hp monster diesel firing up at RĂ©tromobile 2012

1600 hp monster diesel firing up at RĂ©tromobile 2012: Hey, you like really big engines? Well, here's one that's not going to fit under the hood of your F-150. This 30-ton (27-tonne) Type 9 V.O.S. engine is one of just three built by the French company Duvant in 1962.

Zeal iON goggles boast built-in HD camera

Zeal iON goggles boast built-in HD camera: Action cams have become a ubiquitous part of ski resorts everywhere. They're great for catching your best on-slope moments and sharing them with the world, but they can be a little bit bulky and awkward to use with gloves. The Zeal iON goggles solve this problem by integrating the HD camera right into the goggle frame.

F-35A makes first night flight

F-35A makes first night flight: Despite criticism in the U.S. regarding escalating costs, which has seen the Pentagon's bill for a planned 2,443 F-35s going from US$233 billion to $385 billion, Lockheed Martin is pressing ahead with tests of the world's only fifth generation jet fighter. It's been over six years since the first F-35 took to the air for the first time and one and a half years since the F-35B short takeoff/vertical landing (STOVL) variant broke the sound barrier for the first time.

Mitsubishi develops ultra-high-speed elevator technology

Mitsubishi develops ultra-high-speed elevator technology: Due to the number of stairs that needed to be climbed to reach the top, buildings of over six storys were a rarity until the 19th century when the development of passenger elevators - along with advances in building materials and techniques - enabled the construction of taller and taller buildings.

UMP45 INCENDIARY AMMO #ProRussian - YouTube

UMP45 INCENDIARY AMMO #ProRussian - YouTube