Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Review: Defender Bike Light

Review: Defender Bike Light: "Last year, a couple of MIT grads took to Kickstarter to raise production funds for their just-about-everything-proof bicycle light, the Defender. Made mainly from a solid block of aluminum, the light was reportedly tough as nails, waterproof, and very theft-resistant. It was also designed to look like the cylinder of a revolver. Well, the Kickstarter project was a success, and the light is now available for purchase. I got my hands on one, to see if it actually lives up to its makers' claims."

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Converting Cordless To Lithium Li-Po

Converting Cordless To Lithium Li-Po: "As time moves we find that our drill don't cut it any more as now there are all of these new powerful cordless drills with lithium but the price of one of them cost about an arm or leg so what do you do?

Convert them to lithium"

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