Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bosch enters the "robo-mower" market, with the Indego

Bosch enters the "robo-mower" market, with the Indego: "Well, the Auto-Mower, Robby Garden XP, Evolution, and Robomow now have another competitor to content with – last month, Bosch launched its Indego autonomous lawnmower. Like existing “robo-mowers,” this one handles the cutting of the grass without human intervention, while its owner presumably lies nearby in a hammock with an iced tea and says things like “Now this is the life!”. According to Bosch, however, it also has a few features that make it special."

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“Eco-Pak” expands on shipping container houses

“Eco-Pak” expands on shipping container houses: "Thanks to their size, strength and ease of transport, shipping containers have been embraced by architects who have turned them into everything from restaurants and off-grid homes, to school classrooms and modular, portable hotels."

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The US$9000 Jetovator flying water bike adds momentum to the "firehose" market

The US$9000 Jetovator flying water bike adds momentum to the "firehose" market: "New thought in any global arena doesn't take long to propagate these days. Given an idea, there are now many small, highly skilled commando-like development teams that can employ the latest materials and technologies and rapid manufacturing and prototyping techniques to build and test a series of prototypes within a short time and develop a complete product in months ... and this is such a tale, involving two such teams."

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