Monday, March 26, 2012

Planet Venus slowing down

Planet Venus slowing down: "The rotation of the planet Venus is slowing down, according to recent data gathered by the European Space Agency's Venus Express satellite. Peering through the planet's dense atmosphere with infrared imaging, the orbiter saw surface features up to 20 km (12.4 miles) from their expected location. The discrepancy could be explained if the Venusian day has lengthened by six and a half minutes since the planet's speed of rotation was established 16 years ago."

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Spray-on antennas could replace traditional towers

Spray-on antennas could replace traditional towers: "Soon, you may be able to correct your cell phone's signal problems by spraying on an antenna. Researchers at the military technology firm Chamtech have developed a special aerosol spray that can essentially add an antenna to whatever it's sprayed on and improve the network coverage in the area."

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GM introduces new IntelliLink smartphone connectivity

GM introduces new IntelliLink smartphone connectivity: "This week, GM rolled out the IntelliLink system. The system connects wirelessy to your smartphone and provides voice-activated access to phone and audio functions. It's the latest example of the growing number of in-vehicle smartphone connectivity systems."

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