Monday, September 10, 2012

LED lantern runs on saltwater

LED lantern runs on saltwater: "Every now and again, a rumor crops up that someone has invented a motor car that runs on water. Sadly, that still remains a rumor, but Green House Co Ltd of Japan will soon be marketing an LED lantern that runs on saltwater."

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NASA’s giant crawler transporter gets an overhaul

NASA’s giant crawler transporter gets an overhaul: "NASA’s giant crawler transporter that carried the Apollo missions and the Space Shuttles to the launch pad is getting an upgrade. In service since the mid-1960s, the 2,495 tonne (2,750 ton) vehicle is receiving new engines and other improvements that will allow it to carry the future Space Launch System (SLS) rockets due to enter service in 2017."

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Solar-powered oven makes fresh water

Solar-powered oven makes fresh water: "Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Concerned about the lack of fresh water in the developing world, designer Gabriele Diamanti wanted a solution to desalinate water that was available to households rather than relying on giant, centralized plants. He also wanted it to be something inexpensive that could be made by local craftsman. The result is a ceramic solar still called the Eliodomestico that operates like an “upside-down coffee percolator”."

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