Monday, February 16, 2009

Whats the rush?

When congress had to get the Tarp bill passed back in October, we had to get it passed right away or the economy was going to fall apart. The passed it fast, the banks kept the money and didn't do what they were suppose to do with it. the economy didn't fall apart.

Obama had to have the stimulus bill passed right away. So fast that the house and the senate had to pass it Friday of the economy possible would not ever recover. Both the house and senate passed it without reading what was in the $787 billion bill. After the rush Obama took a long weekend in Chicago and will not even sign it until Tuesday. The dems also said it would be posted online so everyone could read it for 48 hours before a vote. there just wasn't enough time the country was going to fall apart if it wasn't done Friday. Now waiting until Tuesday is fine to sign it. I don't get it. All the lies.