Sunday, January 26, 2014

Glacier National Park by spease

Glacier National Park by spease: "I have been to several national parks, this is my favorite. I wanted to share Glacier with everyone, this is a place that could possibly be the most beautiful place on earth. If you enjoy anything in nature, be it scenery, wildlife, waterfalls, mountains, or just the peace and tranquility of quiet and beauty, you need to visit Glacier national Park"

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Amazing Science Facts About The Earth

Amazing Science Facts About The Earth: "This is a collection of interesting facts and details about the Earth. You may or may not have heard or read about these facts before. There is something about reading interesting facts that you didn't know that makes you want to learn more.

Hopefully reading this will make you think, and make you want to learn more about these places, and about our amazing earth. It may even help you on Jeopardy if you get on the show at some point in the future. All of interesting facts listed here are very easily found on the internet if you want to find out more."

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