Thursday, February 20, 2014


.600 MAGNUM REVOLVER: "The worlds most powerful pistol is the Austrian Pfeifer-Zeliska .600 Nitro Express Magnum. It is chambered to fire the British developed .600 caliber rifle  bullet originally made by Holland and Holland. This revolver was not originally a full production model but a bespoke one off, built especially for a wealthy Swiss gentleman...Mr. Zeliska."

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The Floating Couch And Cooler - Hammacher Schlemmer

The Floating Couch And Cooler - Hammacher Schlemmer: "This is the oversized inflatable lounger with a built-in cooler that stows enough refreshment for a full day on the water. The float's plump bed, armrests, and full-height backrest nestle you in comfort well above the water line. Concealed under the footrest by a removable inflatable cover, the 0.5' cu. cargo hold keeps up to 15 cans of your preferred beverage on ice and has a built-in drain for emptying excess liquid. The lounger is made from heavy-gauge vinyl that resists punctures and fading and features reinforced multi-chamber construction for structure and support (inflates with pump sold separately below). A cup holder in each armrest permits ambidextrous imbibing. 65" L x 39" W x 33 1/2" H. (18 lbs.)"

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Search Results for 'microwave' -

Search Results for 'microwave' - "f you spend a ton of time at your desk, the Desktop Microwave would be perfect for you. Sadly, it’s just a concept at the moment, but if it ever becomes real you won’t have to ever leave your desk again.

The Desktop microwave comes from the mind of designer Steve Gates, who’s life goal is apparently to make everyone fat and deskbound, with a taste for microwaved food. Oh, wait. Isn’t that the America we know and love?"

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Lamborghini Ferruccio turns Batman’s ears green with envy | Ubergizmo

Lamborghini Ferruccio turns Batman’s ears green with envy | Ubergizmo: "Yes, Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark would make great buddies – one of them having a technologically superior suit of armor, while the former has a highly primed physique with majority of the martial arts knowledge at his disposal, and both have tons of moolah."

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Some Guy In Spain Makes A Triple-Barreled Handgun | OhGizmo!

Some Guy In Spain Makes A Triple-Barreled Handgun | OhGizmo!: "This interconnected series of tubes we call the Internet sure has a way to provide us eager internauts with a never ending supply of WTFs. Sometimes there’s a fair amount of detail and information surrounding the WTF, but very often there isn’t. Such is the case with the above, a triple-barreled handgun that allegedly shoots 6.35mm rounds, and was made by someone in Spain."

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