Saturday, March 19, 2011

MESSENGER becomes first spacecraft to orbit Mercury

MESSENGER becomes first spacecraft to orbit Mercury: "NASA has reported that its MESSENGER spacecraft is now in orbit around the planet Mercury – the first ever mission to achieve this feat. More than 40 years on from the first moon landing in the age of the Mars rovers and space tourism, it's easy to overlook just what a remarkable a feat this is."

'First-ever' permanent anti-fog coating developed

'First-ever' permanent anti-fog coating developed: "Tired of your glasses fogging up on cold days, or of having to spit in your dive mask before putting it on? Those hassles may become a thing of the past, as researchers from Quebec City's Université Laval have developed what they claim is the world's first permanent anti-fog coating. Just one application is said to work indefinitely on eyeglasses, windshields, camera lenses, or any other transparent glass or plastic surface."

Researchers demonstrate self-repairing chip

Researchers demonstrate self-repairing chip: "As chips continue to get smaller, the technological possibilities just get larger. One of the trade-offs of miniaturization, however, is that smaller things are also often more fragile and less dependable."

U.S. Army trials tactical smartphones

U.S. Army trials tactical smartphones: "U.S. paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division recently took part in a field exercise at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, in which they experimented with a tool not normally used by the armed forces – a smartphone. And no, they weren't playing Farmville."

The jukebox gets a 21st Century overhaul

The jukebox gets a 21st Century overhaul: "Perhaps I'm of a certain age, but when someone says the word 'Jukebox' I immediately think of a Wurlitzer 1015 bubbler, although I've only ever seen one actually working."