Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Orion ready for Thursday's launch

Orion ready for Thursday's launch: "Orion is go for launch. At a press conference today, NASA and aerospace industry officials confirmed that the EFT-1 mission to test the deep-space capsule designed to carry astronauts beyond low Earth orbit has been given the final clearance for launch on Thursday morning. The unmanned spacecraft will lift off from Space Launch Complex 37 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station atop a United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy booster on a four-hour flight that will send it 3,600 mi (5,800 km) from Earth before returning to Earth.


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New 1035 hp Ferrari FXX K hybrid based on LaFerrari

New 1035 hp Ferrari FXX K hybrid based on LaFerrari: "Don't go reaching for the check book just yet, as Ferrari’s new FXX K (for KERS) is unlikely to be sold, nor will it race in sanctioned competition, as it has been built based on the LaFerrari supercar but completely unfettered by homologation and racing regulations. The FXX K will break cover this coming weekend as part of the 2014 Finali Mondiali Ferrari, a four day racetrack celebration of everything Ferrari."

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The Lights Went Out in Texas

The Lights Went Out in Texas: "Last week our small area of the world experienced a power outage which lasted just an hour and 55 minutes. The power went out at 5:55pm. Not a big deal, right? I’m prepared, I have batteries, I have flashlights, I have candles, I have lanterns, I have kerosene, I have…….! Yep, I pretty much have it all. Now if I could only find it all."

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