Thursday, November 6, 2008

Puttin to return to Kremlin now that U.S will be weak under president Obama.

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian President Dmitry Medvedev could resign from his post in 2009 to pave the way for Vladimir Putin to return to the Kremlin, Vedomosti newspaper reported on Thursday, citing an unidentified source close to the Kremlin.

Medvedev Wednesday proposed increasing the presidential term to six years from four years, a step the newspaper said was part of a plan drawn up by Vladislav Surkov, who serves as Medvedev's first deputy chief of staff.

Under the plan, Medvedev could implement changes to the constitution and unpopular social reforms "so that Putin could return to the Kremlin for a longer period," the newspaper said.

Obama day 2

Market dropped 440 points. The businesses are very scared. The threat of tax increases and the raising of the capital gains taxes will lower the amount of money that investors will put in the market.