Wednesday, January 1, 2014

G3 Heated Gloveliners | Gadgets 4 Guys

G3 Heated Gloveliners | Gadgets 4 Guys: "It is officially cold outside. We didn’t need the snow on the ground to tell us that but when Santa brought his overweight self down the chimney, we knew that Winter had arrived. What does that mean for the common every day man? You won’t be able to those sweet cut off jean shorts and sandals with black socks. Women will be confined to wearing sweaters every day of the week and having an excuse to always wear their “warm and comfy pants” around the house 24/7. Both of those options offer zero visual appeal for men. It is also a sign that football is officially coming to an end and once college basketball ends in March, we enter the dry spell of real sports (sorry baseball fans). Then there is the bitter cold that stings your face whenever you walk outside. If you have to stay outside for long periods of time (cough shoveling snow cough) then you slowly begin to lose feeling in your hands and every other body part."

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